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About this event

ELEVATE and join us for a 3-day virtual retreat, "Master Your Energy," hosted by ESSCROW Academy. In this immersive experience, from February 16th to 18th, you'll gain insights into the interconnected themes of mind, body, and spirit, while learning to integrate spirituality into your daily life in practical ways – all at no cost to you. This retreat is for those seeking to expand their consciousness and connect with like-minded individuals in a nurturing virtual space.


Importance of Mastering Your Energy

Understanding and mastering our energy is crucial for achieving balance, harmony, and fulfillment in our lives. By exploring the themes of mind, body, and spirit, this retreat seeks to provide practical insights and tools to empower participants to elevate their energy and enhance their overall well-being.


Event Details

Date: February 16th - 18th

Time: 6 pm - 9 pm EST (Feb 16), 12 pm - 3 pm EST (Feb 17 & 18)


 February 16th

6pm - 9pm EST 


The first day will focus on the body, emphasizing the importance of mastering physical well-being for energy cultivation. Engage with our esteemed facilitators

  • LOVE - Blood Flow & Body Empowerment

  • Dr. Zee - Gut Intelligence

  • ESSOESS - Move & Elevate with Reiki


 February 17th

12pm - 3pm EST 


Day two will center on the mind, highlighting the significance of mental mastery in energy management. Our expert facilitators will lead sessions on:



 February 18th

12pm - 3pm EST 


On the final day, we will delve into the realm of spirit, exploring its pivotal role in energy regulation. Join our insightful facilitators for sessions on:


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