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Coming Out of the Closet as a Psychic & Healer

Updated: May 11

Coming out of the closet isn't just designated to being gay, a lesbian, or even being trans. Sharing with yourself and to "the world" that you are choosing to live your life in a non stereotypical way can keep you inside the closet. Forever. For your entire life if you don't learn how to confront who it is that you are. Some other identies that might force you to come out of the closet a.k.a your comfort or safety zone are below-






This list could go on and on and on.

I don't want that to happen to you. And this is why I am writing this blog today. For me coming out of the closet as a psychic was even scarier to me than coming out as trans. And I changed my whole gender! It was so intimidating because I had grown up as a Born Again Christian, and I was now faced with all of the mental fuquery that I had been indoctrinated into. Things like

"You're going to go to hell"

"You are evil"

"You must repent for your sins"

"You must be crazy and should be locked away"

ect. ect. Came into my mind on the regular. These words were so harmful to my spiritual development. But being the strong willed Sagittarius soul that I am I pushed through those fears out of necessity and partially out of rebellion. I am glad that I did that, at a young age I began to meditate, practice yoga and just get comfortable with how my mind was made.

For years I was working against myself, and so I decided to see what working with myself would do. This one decision led me down a trajectory that I am still feeling the beautiful remnants of. Coming out to myself was the validation that I needed to know who I was outside of my familial roles, and my community roles. Those roles felt more like prisons when I felt trapped by them.

At the young age of Twenty I began to learn to love myself, and explore the different aspects of myself. Coming out again and again, each time I came out as something new or different I thought that "thing" was the one piece of my puzzle that would put all of the things that I was struggling with at bay. My problems would magically disappear and that life would somehow come to that sweet happily ever after. Well it didn't. Each time I found a new aspect of myself I felt like tI had to give up the older parts of me too.

And I know that happens a lot, especially in the spiritual worlds. You don't have to give up all of who you are to step down the path of spirit. You don't have to give up all of who you are to start doing psychic readings. Does your life change in huge ways? Yes but you begin to incorporate it without making things so separate that you feel like you are living double lives. I mean the point of coming out is to feel whole, and to avoid that double life feeling.

The best thing I did was to come out- Come out as a Lesbian. Come out as an Artist. Come out as a Healer and a Psychic. Every step of the way was different than the previous step that I took. And that is what made my life worth living, the variety and the surprise element to a monotonous and predictable hell of mediocrity- living a life of lies felt boring and dry. So I found a balance each time I came out of the closet as some other new aspect of my soul that was waiting to be expressed, I came out knowing that this was just another leg of the journey and that I didn't need to indoctrinate myself.

Having a guide who has walked a similar pathway before me found to be very helpful. If you are going to come out- as anything new or unexplored- you should get a mentor or a guide who can help you to traverse the inevitable shadows that come up when you are going down that pathway. Coming out as a psychic and a healer led me to many wonderful teachers and peers and most importantly it dispelled the belief that I was all alone in my thoughts and feelings, because it can get lonely in that closet all by yourself.

And so Come Out Come Out wherever you are- and be sure to introduce yourself.

-Crow in ESSCROW

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