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Deficit Based Thinking Gets You into Debt

One of the biggest symptoms of the colonial and hive mind of our collective is deficit based thinking. Whether you are trying to imagine yourself in a healthy relationship, or creatively trying to do things differently in your life that gremlin of negative thinking comes in.... and snap just as soon as you imagine something better for your life you take it away by a few things.

  1. What you are going to lose by changing

  2. Why its not possible

  3. FEAR of where it will take you

A nebula, and a brain nueron, with beautiful colors like the northern lights.

And the internal list of thoughts can go on and on and on. And thats the point, this can be endless and really its not so productive to continue to talk about and point all of the things out. And while you are stuck in those thoughts you are STILL CREATING.

Read that again. You are STILL CREATING. Firstly it is the most obvious that sometimes eludes us, when you are in that frame of thought patterning you have blocked yourself into a little prison of your own making, and your energy gets drained because you are feeding yourself LIES. Our consequences are immediate and most of the time we are just so used to this way of living that we don't even realize that, these subtle experiences and our acceptance of them is part of the problem.

When we dream, and take that away immediately with all of the afterthoughts- I know you know what Im talking about, you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't. The world no longer becomes a friendly and wondrous place for us to be living in. We get magnetized into an extreme group collective thought patterning, disguised as social justice, or a spiritual cult group, or even worse we isolate ourselves into a corner alone. Then once again the system of colonization has reigned supreme again.

A woman meditation on a yoga mat on floating on top of the ocean. Waves crashing peacfully in the distance with a cotton candy colored sunset

So what can we do about this? How can you get yourself out of debt, both psychically, mentally and yes financially?

You can start sitting with yourself and instead of punishing yourself with these thought patterns ....

  1. Stop them dead in their tracks and replace it with a new affirming positive or neutral statement. For example when change " I cant do this because I will lose my partner" to this "I am a growing and changing being who deserves to explore and be respected" or "I can't make decisions for other people"

  2. Sit and meditate, with each breath imagine the things that you want to build coming into your life, and when you clench up or you constrict your body- stop and breathe into the space that has a hard time accepting it. Build from this exercise until you are able to imagine, feel comfortable and stay in this place for longer. You are priming your body to accept and receive what it is that you are creating and imagining.

  3. Acknowledge yourself, get a bigger perspective by stepping out of your own paradigm and using imagery of the Universe, or Source as the all loving inspirational perspective that you can bring into your surroundings. The truth is that you are born of stars, and you are magic. Taking that perspective continually will change your mind and then your experience, and then your life.

  4. Focus on what you want, not what you dont want. You already know how you dont want to live, or be.... What is the other side of that coin. Your brain only wants to protect you, but you can protect yourself and your brain by focusing on the positive building instead of protecting by enacting worse case scenarios over and over.

  5. Dont compare yourself to ANYONE, EVER anymore. This is not a logical way to view your situation and what YOU can actually accomplish.

If you are like me, than being a person of a marginalized group of people on this planet you might have felt slighted by humanity and the current setup of society. But after really implementing these firm boundaries for myself I no longer see myself through the eyes of what I don't have, but rather what makes me unique and what I do have, and more importantly who I know myself to be. This is the most free I have ever felt in my life. And that quality of experiencing life is DEBT FREE.

With Love,


Crow a person of color who is smiling at the camera wearing a gray tank top in a park surrounded by green

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