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Synesthesia, 33 Masters and My Spirit Guide (Purity Alnitak)

Updated: Feb 7

I have been an artist since I was a very young child. My imagination was always wild and free and being an artist was one of the things that my parents steadily encouraged. Music particularly was a big part of my formative years. I remember communing with Great Spirit sitting on to the top branches of my favorite tree, (now looking back I understand that this tree was also speaking to me)

The gateways for extra sensory experiences were always open in my mind... stretched in the same fashion that an artist stretches their canvas. Two sides to the same coin.... art, connection to Spirit, and working that 6th sense muscle... the third eye. These trails in my mind were continually treaded down and expanded upon during my middle school and high school years.

As a self taught guitarist, singer/songwriter, and an abstract artist the inner landscapes of my human experience were very familiar to me. I was magnetised to the mystical aspect of life. There was a certain depth to these experiences that I haven't been able to find anywhere else.... (aside from psychedelics and meditation)

Art has weaved its way in and out of my life, and the very fabric of who I am as an individual.

Even now still I feel as though I am an artist before an Oracle or Healer, man or woman and perhaps even before a human...

Purity Alnitak was introduced to me formally towards the end July of 2019. I was in New Zealand travelling with my partner at the time. And after living "that hippy van life" for four months we settled in a in a town called Orewa on the eastern coast of the North Island. On the ninth of June at a local community center there was a wellness expo going on and we decided to check it out. My hesitation to get psychic readings in the past was tremendous, even though I am a psychic I was quite guarded in that department.

So I walked the perimeter stopping at the booths smelling the essential oils and incenses, and feeling into the wonderful array of energies. There was a wonderful variety of healers and psychic readers using all different mediums. And on that day I was drawn to these two wonderful ladies. A team of psychics paired together, one used automatic writing and the other would draw a portrait of the Spirit who came through. So I decided to get a reading. To my delight this was a very divinely timed experience. I had hoped that my deceased brother or father was going to come through, but it was actually something better and serendipitous.

The two women began, one was writing and the other drawing. They allowed me to ask several questions, one of the questions was.... What is your name? And the symbol that was drawn looked freakishly similar to the abstract style drawings that I had been doing since high school. (At that moment I knew that this was the Spirit who had been beside me for many years, who I acknowledged and ignored at the same time.)

I shared that this was the way that I drew with the women..... and then the automatic writing started once again, and this time this Spirit said that they had been contacting me through my drawings, and when I draw that they "impress upon me as a light wave" information would unknowingly flood through my hands.

Now I had always felt that my work was other worldy and I had no idea where it came from.... ( well some idea) But this was wild and somehow in my gut I had known it for years. When I was in that state of flow, my whole system was opened up to receive. So I was shocked and so relieved that these un translatable experiences finally made sense.

One of the women felt his presence so deeply that she started to cry, " he is so fine" she kept saying "his energy is so fine and pure". We had collectively asked if we could call him Purity and he agreed that would be okay.

After this experience in Orewa upon further inquiries during my meditations I was able to accurately pinpoint the origin of Purity's signal. Purity gained the second name Alnitak after closest star to the Horsehead nebula in the belt of the Orion constellation (and that is where I felt him to originate from)

The ways in which we process, store, and access information is often times so light speed fast. We are unable to slow down the experience and zoom in to see where the source of information really comes from. And more importantly how we translate this stimulus, and which senses we use in the process computing of that information.

Synesthesia is a blending of two or more senses together that form a new sensual experience. For example the most common one is hearing colors. There have been over 80 different types of synesthesia and my humble theory is that psychics, artists and honestly most people do have one form or another of this, but we are soo fast :) at computing especially with the advancement of technology.

There is so much untapped potential to understand ourselves and the worlds that surround us as human beings, and I feel that synesthesia is an integral piece of that puzzle.

In June during eclipse season I decided to physically produce 33 Masters and Oracle and divination deck. Harnessing the light and the dark, marrying the two energies as one.

This was the first fully conscious co creation with my dear friend and guide Purity Alnitak. The deck is a simple black and white concept, and there is room for those who are like myself to experience them with exponential values.

And like the best music (in my opinion is a song that leaves room for the listener to add, to slow down enough to hear the spaces in between the notes where your sounds, colors, and lights can be added) this is how 33 Masters was created. An intentional communication deck that speaks to you however you speak, with your permission of course, and that also talks with other decks, with the elements, with whatever it needs to.

I am so happy I decided to put my guard down that day in Orewa it changed my life.

For Now,

Crow Miller

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