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Past Life Reading

Past Life Reading & Energy Clearing

  • 1 hour
  • 170 US dollars
  • Patchogue

Service Description

This session is dedicated to exploring your past life that is affecting and influencing your current life and circumstances. Perhaps maybe you are feeling stuck, lost, or in a loop of repeating the same patterns, and you want to further understand this cycle- in order to consciously choose and create new perspectives. "Be aware of the same person disguised as someone new" - You will see repeated patterns, archetypes of people and relationships entering your life. If you have a sense of.... why am I not getting what I need to in order to move forward from this soul learning and experience.... I would love to help guide you through this process. My favorite law of the universe is the law of dimensions!!! There are infinite dimensions and worlds. Even my identities reflect this love as I exist on the intersection of many different "worlds" -between masculine and feminine- white and black- and the way that my uniquely neurodivergent mind experiences life. The law of dimensions is vast and I have been working with it since my awakening in the spring of 2009. When I meet people, shake hands, or talk to strangers, I can clearly see their past lives and also their ancestors.... and this used to freak me out until I understood it was a gift that I had to understand, accept and cultivate for myself. I am please to offer my own unique approach to past life readings.... as there also needs to be some sort of supportive integrative period where the receiver can transmute, energy clear, and process in order to be PRESENT here in this lifetime. That is what it's all about becoming as present as possible that you can with this LIFE. Book a session with me- I look forward to meeting with you and exploring together. I

Contact Details

  • Patchogue, NY, USA


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