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In 2022, ESSOESS embarked on a profound 13-month mentorship with Crow, forever altering the course of her life. Two months into this transformative journey, she made a daring decision, and she courageously bid farewell to her corporate existence. Driven by her deep-seated purpose to assist others on their spiritual paths, and her divine birthright.


As the mentorship concluded Crow having successfully created and sustained Crow Walk LLC single-handedly for three years put out a call. The time had come for him to expand with the spirit of collaboration. Crow sought out a like-minded passionate individual to join him as a business partner. 


In May of 2023, divine timing stepped in. ESSOESS joined Crow Walk LLC.  Ess and Crow naturally began building a school, and Crow Walk transformed into ESSCROW Academy.  Destiny in all its splendor conspired to bring them together in July of the same year, not just as business partners but as soul mates.


A celestial symphony unfolded as rainbows stretched across the sky, portals opened to other dimensions, and dolphins and whales gracefully danced in the cosmic waters. It was a dream come true one the two had in both of their hearts.


ESSCROW Academy of Ancient Arts & Interdimensional Insights was birthed. Their shared vision, their shared mission, they belonged to a realm that surpassed lifetimes. Together, they began to create something extraordinary - not just an academy, but a sanctuary of individuality, a haven where community thrived, and a space where inclusivity reigns supreme.


In this shared vision, a diverse, vibrant community began to form, a collection of creative, spiritual individuals from all walks of life.


Diverse souls and generational cycle breakers united through a call to deepen their understanding of themselves and their spiritual gifts. Many are healing from deep wounds, and others are just discovering their spiritual connection. ALL remain hopeful in renewing their bond with God, Creator, and the Universe.


The services that ESSCROW provides and addresses varied needs…. 

The desire to be seen and believed in

The need for community support 

The knowledge of spiritual tools that empower self-love without the burden of self-sacrifice.

We value authenticity, self-sovereignty, independence, and cherish the regenerative growth and support that comes from having a value aligned community. It is woven throughout the foundation of the Academy and imparts a pathway for many of life’s challenges.

As EssCrow Academy of Ancient Arts & Interdimensional Insights grows, our programs provide a safe learning environment and foster natural bonds of unity and collaboration. The team reflects these diverse identities which form a strong foundation for our vision. We are committed to a regenerative approach, continually striving to serve a wide spectrum of people.


Now, as you step into the ESSCROW Academy, know that you are embarking on a journey woven with the threads of destiny. You are not only joining an academy but also becoming part of this vibrant, spiritual community that we have nurtured. We invite you to join us and become a part of something greater than yourself, as we explore the hidden realms of ancient wisdom, unleash your potential, and embrace the interconnectedness that binds us all.


Welcome to our sacred sanctuary,





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