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 Intuitive Session

60-75 minutes @ $199.00

If you're feeling blocked or in a transition, this 60-75 minute session might be the perfect solution. I'll help you connect with your past, your loves, and guide you towards the direction you need.

Reiki/ Energy Work Session

50 minutes @ $155.00

I offer Reiki and Energy work sessions that can help you clear unwanted energy, find balance, feel lighter, and clear energetic blockages. 



Essoess has overcome deep personal womb trauma, and physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Her journey of healing has strengthened her resolve to help others find and remove the blockages preventing them from living their desired life. With avian guides, snake medicine and various animal spirits as her allies, she specializes in accurate predictions, life transformations, belief work, ancestral blockage removal, and energy realignment.


Considered the black sheep of her family, Essoess has nevertheless carved a unique path for herself. Her diverse career, spanning roles as a personal trainer, project manager, stylist, model, MMA fight promoter, curator, and creative director, attests to her belief that we are not bound by one specific path. She fervently believes in the inherent freedom within us all and aspires to awaken this realization within her community.

With a profound respect for indigenous cultures and a passion for exploring the roots of all things, Essoess's teachings are deeply ingrained with these values. She is here to light up your path, help you reclaim your power, and guide you in your journey towards self-discovery and transformation.​



Essoess, also known as Snakefeather, is more than just a name. She is a force, a ray of golden light in the realm of spiritual healing, and a channeler of profound wisdom. A high priestess, psychic, healer, and teacher of Jamaican descent, her life's mission is to help you unearth your true essence and reach your greatest potential.

From a young age, Essoess felt a deep connection to the unseen world. Though familial and societal pressure initially caused her to shy away from her extraordinary abilities, a life-altering illness over 13 years ago compelled her to embrace her true nature. The moment she picked up her first tarot deck, she embarked on an unparalleled spiritual journey that led to her becoming a powerful psychic healer and teacher.


A certified Ceremonial Breathwork Instructor and Master Reiki healer, Essoess has honed her skills to offer a unique blend of healing modalities. She utilizes the language of breath, the power of Reiki, and draws upon the wisdom from her ancestors and past lives, and the angelic realm to guide her clients towards transformation and liberation



Certified Ceremonial Breathwork Instructor

Reiki Level I & II, Master Reiki

Theta Healing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

Essoess invites you to embark on this spiritual journey with her, to learn, heal, transform, and discover your true essence. Join her, and explore the boundlessness of your potential



I had the pleasure of joining ESSOESS' guided breathwork session multiple times and was blown away by how structured and supported her classes were. She need draws on her knowledge and hands-on experience as a breath work facilitator to ensure she leads her class in a safe, relaxing and supportive environment. She takes you through a series of breath work that will leave you energized and feeling like your best self by the end of each session. I encourage anyone who is looking to take their healing to the next level, to at least give one of ESSOESS' classes a try. I promise you will feel motivated, uplifted and wanting more by the end of her session.

- Sue


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