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What Healing Really Means

Updated: Feb 7

Releasing old patterns and ways of being.

Change and growth.

Integrating new learnings into your life.

Crying and having emotional releases.

Owning up to your shit.

Being honest with yourself.

Having honest conversations with yourself and others.

Forgiveness, of yourself and forgiveness to those who have hurt you.

Shifting old beliefs.

Embracing your wholeness.

Unconditionally loving yourself.

Seeing yourself through a compassionate lens and also seeing the things that you want to change and improve through that lens of compassion.

Healing is getting it "wrong" Healing is making "mistakes" and learning from them.




Weeding your garden then ,planting seeds and seeing them grow

Is a journey not a destination.

Now, and Presence

Healing is synonymous with Truth, Unconditional Love, and Evolution

These are some examples of what healing means. Ultimately you will need to find out what healing means to you. No one can tell you that you are in love, you just know it!

The same is true for healing. You just know it.

Healing doesn't always have to be uncomfortable, but it might be uncomfortable sometimes.

In my own journey, it was easier in the past to ignore continue to have this numbing sensation pervading my entire life rather than face some of the traumas that were effecting me. One day in my early twenties, that numbing stopped being enough. I was ready to face the so called demons that I had tried to keep at bay. It was a process, and it still is a process but I am committed to it.

When you heal emotionally, things on the outside my appear the same but the inside has completely changed. And just like a seed that has been planted, in its own season it blossoms.

No one can tell you what will work for you. You have to try it out. I am not one who explicitly only subscribes to alternative healing, and I am also not one who only thinks that you can heal through a psychologist, councillor or "western" approaches to healing. I believe that there is a place for all forms of healing and its so amazing that we have so many emerging modalities and options available to us.

My advice when you are looking into trying something out, go with someone who you inherently trust, but you can tell you will learn something from them. Do some research, test it out, see what works for you, and leave the rest. Move forward always, and forgive.

Yoga worked for me

Meditation worked for me

Shamanism worked for me

Ayahuasca worked for me

Reiki worked for me

Acupuncture worked for me

Therapy worked for me

ThetaHealing worked for me

Massages worked for me

Coaches, and guides worked for me

Music & art worked for me.

My point is that you should just go for it! There is so much love and healing, and beauty waiting for you.

This is why I do what I do- Because there is always hope, and I have committed to doing this because I truly love each and every one of my clients and students.

May you find your healing and wholeness today.

-The Crow in ESSCROW


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