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Who Is

Jordan Hope"Crow" Miller ?


Crow is an Artist, Healer, and Teacher and his love for the Arts and Creator has lead him to a path of spirituality.

As an American born person of mixed ancestry 

& as a Two- Spirit  individual Crow embodies many intersections of wisdom and personal power. 

At the age of 21 he began his first yoga teacher training and since then he has continued his personal healing journey and learning from many teachers around the world.  Crow has been blessed to learn from many ancient wisdom traditions.

He has learned to heal himself from sexual trauma, loss of family members, deep personal wounds, transition from female to male and emerge into the world sharing  all of the gifts that those experiences has given him. 

Crow has shape shifted and transformed many times in his 35 years of life, and that is why the Crow Animal speaks to him deeply. Working from the highest truth and with Creator as his ultimate healer and guide Miller has helped transform many lives he has come across.


Being of Service is a part of Crow's Spiritual Pathway. To be in service where there are others on a similar pathway has been a dream of his for many years. In addition to running Crow Walk LLC  Crow has joined as a Founding Teacher  and works with the non-profit agency called Ganesh Space in early 2023. Learn more about this sacred organization that is on the forefront of mindfulness and social justice here....  


500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher- Mahi Yoga- McLeod Ganj, Dharmsala India


100 Hour Thai Yoga Massage- Sunshine Network- Chang Mai Thailand


Theta Healing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper Practitioner and Instructor Seminar- September 2018 - May 2022

Bigfork Montana


Reiki Level One & Two- Oslo, Norway

Reiki Master- McLeod Ganj, Dharmasala India


Crow has also spent many years of his early twenties working with Indigenous Native American traditions- Lakota, these traditions have no formal certifications and which practices are not shared with clients or students. These oral traditions and experiences from a young age have built Crows strong foundation in spiritually based ethics and a way of carrying the sacred duties that his spirit was tasked with for this incarnation.


Crow has over 2,000 Hours of working with clients individually and within group settings.



I got introduced to Jordan in a round about way, and to be honest, went in to a class with very neutral to low expectations never having met Jordan, and having a lifetime experience of being disappointed by many self-acclaimed healers. In other words, I have more than a healthy dose of skepticism. But instantly, I knew Jordan was different, and I immediately wanted to set up some one-on-one work. I worked with Jordan over several months while I was in, what felt like, an intractable life situation that was leaving me weak and depleted on every level. What struck me, always, was Jordan's uncanny ability to uncover the roots of situations with very little information, and rapidly. This led to deeper and more rapid healing and wisdom building in the time we worked together than years of therapies and meditations had ever done. Jordan brings a no-nonsense approach, softened by a joyful heart. If you have deep work to do - self-actualization, spiritual deepening, shadow work, physical healing, or getting deeply grounded in your own healing abilities, I can think of no better guide and companion than Jordan.

Jennifer- She/Her 


Thetahealing sessions have been one of the most unexpected and healing practices I've come across so far. I went into it
without knowing much about the practice or Jordan, but the first session was so impactful that I knew I wanted to stick with it. It's difficult for me to open up to new people, but Jordan held my experiences with both gentleness and thorough curiosity in all of our sessions together. His support helped me go deeper and make intentional space for some of the wounds I'd been avoiding for a very long time. I definitely recommend him for anyone looking to uncover truths about themselves, break harmful patterns of behavior, and accept themselves fully- especially QTBIPOC that might struggle with connecting to healers that don't share their identities.


- Mateo (they/them)"


The truth of working with Jordan is that he guided me home to myself. Come to discover, I wasn’t lost. I was a wayward soul searching desperately for meaning. For answers. For connection. I forgot the truth of who I am. Jordan knew though. Jordan saw me for me the moment we met. To be witnessed by Jordan is to relax into the comfort of a late summer evening, -crickets chirping merrily, fireflies blinking in and out of sight, and cool grass misted with evening dew underfoot. You’re held in the gentle embrace of the days of youth, basking in the security of presence.

When I think of the journey that Jordan affirmed me through, I feel an almost overwhelming sense of appreciation and love. Jordan taught me more about the truth of my authentic self in 10 weeks, then years of therapy. Working with his spirit team, he thoughtfully lays aside any expectations. He then proceeds to shake you up, empty you out, and allow you to move into your fullest self with the love, support, and care of the divine Creatrix themself. 

Don’t get it twisted. There is one certainty with Jordan. It’s a mentorship built around generative reciprocity; you must give up the stories you tell yourself. You must release the limitations and expectations of who you should me. Trust in the guidance and wisdom of Jordan. You will not be disappointed. The healing Jordan provides is unlike anything I have ever experienced. My Spidey senses are still tingling weeks later. 

You will discover a beautifully complex truth, that you are love. Indulge in the promise of your highest possibility and trust Jordan to guide your healing journey. What you will ultimately witness is the utmost loving transformation of your self. There is no greater blessing. Jordan, I see you. I honor your gifts. I appreciate you your wisdom. From the deepest recesses of my heartspace, thank you. 

Zephyr Williams 



 "I was so hurt when you came after me as I left the fire and just the fact that you cared so deeply about me started the healing process. The sense of feeling loved by others. We did this beautiful little meditation which really rooted me into our little space so I could be present for the questions you were about to ask me. Answering these really helped me realise what the actual issue in my life was, as before I was chasing after something that subconsciously I already knew that I had. You helped me to start forgiving my past and letting the love shine back through my heart and I am ever grateful for this. You made the slight shift in my direction and like two weeks later all of a sudden I meet my soulmate. Which I think wouldn't have been possible if you didn't show me the way back to my self love. Lots of love my dear friend! :)  


-Louisa S


*How does one write a review for a soul that's been sent to you for mutual healing, connection, guidance and then my reiki training? Well I'm certainly going to try. I believe Jordan is superhuman. One that possesses all the beautiful imperfections us souls are born into, yet inexplicably possess all the glorious, Divine giftings that dance in collusion. He's lived the life, walked the walk and seems to illuminate everything he touches. I'm eternally grateful that the Universe conspired in it's always, perfect timing. It has been a pleasure completing level one of my reiki master training, but more importantly getting to understand who Jordan is, where he has come from and where he has arrived. His authenticity and conscious being is refreshing, approachable and lovable. I'm looking forward to a continued journey of mutual healing, guidance, connection and on-going training. Looking forward to radiating our gifts outward! *

-Jessica Ferrone

She/ Her

Intuitive Guide

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