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How To Create Your Own Oracle Deck

So you have decided that you want to create an oracle deck, or at the very least you have entertained it. Well it is an amazing way to tap into your creativity, to make some extra money, use it as a tool in your readings, and connect to new people in your field.

I created my Oracle Deck 33 Masters in 2020 of August. It was a pretty lengthy process for me but it doesn't have to be for you. I co-created this deck along with my spirit guide Purity Alnitak over the course of three years. It came to me because I felt that there were certain dialogues that I felt were missing within the spiritual community. Along with the pieces that I felt were missing I wanted to add my own unique interpretation from my perspective. That is why creating your own deck is so cool and valuable, your perspective matters and can assist others as well.

Being a Transgender person of color it was really important to me to create a deck. I am not even sure if there are many decks out there that have been created by Trans Men of color. From my connection with Creator and my spirit guide 33 Masters were born. I couldn't be more happy about the quality of the cards, the feel and the aesthetic of them. I have distilled my process down for you to make it a bit easier, and less intimidating!

Step One-

Pick a theme for your deck. It can be a widely based theme but it will be good to pick a theme and build off of that. For example my theme was all of the things that I had learned in my spiritual journey as well as channelled information. Each of the symbols are also sigils.

Step Two-

Decide how many cards will be in your deck. For my deck I went with 33 cards as it was aligned with the theme that I was going for which is Mastery. 33 is the number for ascended Masters.

Step Three-

Begin the creative process, think about what each card you want to represent will be, now that you have picked how many, loosely name the cards. You can always change the names them later on in your process.

Step Four-

Now go for it- allow yourself to create the visuals, get inspired and allow for the process to unfold. Don't worry so much about the finished product, that will come later on right now allow yourself to dream and piece together those visions.

Step Five-

Revise, and Bring the deck to Life. I always grab a blank deck and play with them as a beta version of the cards. Take some time to relish in the fact that you have just created your own tool of divination. It couldnt get more magical then that. Once they have been brought to life- you can revise and revise again. Then you can decide on if you want to print them and share them!

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